​Sector Spotlight: Advanced Manufacturing  - New Flyer has become the largest manufacturer of battery-electric buses in North America (Courtesy New Flyer)

New Flyer has become the largest manufacturer of battery-electric buses in North America (Courtesy New Flyer)

By: EDW NewsroomSeptember 6, 2018 //

‘Winnipeg is building.’ 

It’s one of the catchphrases we like to use when we’re sharing the stories of the big things happening in our city. We point to the investments being made in new developments here, we talk about our growing reputation as a must-see tourist destination and we shine a spotlight on some of the Winnipeg start-ups taking their companies to new heights. 

But one industry that is truly building in Winnipeg, both figuratively and literally, is the advanced manufacturing sector. Whether its building industry-leading battery-electric buses, state-of-the-art industrial HVAC units, or high-performance harvesting equipment, our companies have developed a strong reputation across North America for building the best products in the world. 

So why have industry leaders started their companies here? And why have they decided to expand their operations year over year? 

It comes down to a few simple facts: 

The workforce: Ask a CEO at one of Winnipeg’s top manufacturers and they will tell you that our workforce is one of the hardest working in North America. It’s simply the Winnipeg way. Companies here also work collaboratively with educational institutions to ensure that graduates are getting the latest skills required to be successful in the real world – and that’s good for business. 

In the centre of Canada: Those same CEOs will tell you that it’s easier to get products to market when you’re located smack-dab in the heart of North America. Our city is a tri-modal transportation hub – meaning companies have the option of shipping goods by air, rail or road. If that’s not enough, we're also home to Centreport, North America’s largest inland port.  

Close-knit community: One of the things we hear the most from CEOs is the willingness of companies to work together so everyone succeeds. Whether it’s lobbying the government for incentives or new programs, or partnering on investments - leaders here know that more can be accomplished by being part of the Winnipeg team. 

Here’s what Paul Soubry, CEO of New Flyer told us recently: “It’s that neat balance of making our business more successful but also making sure our community is more successful. There’s a spirit of cooperation, but really a spirit of can-do.” 

We’re just plain affordable: It’s not sexy, but dollar for dollar, Winnipeg is among the cheapest places to grow a business. We were ranked the number one cost-competitive city in Western Canada and the U.S. by KPMG in 2016 and we have among the lowest published hydroelectric rates in North America. 

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We’ve spent a lot of time telling the story of some of Winnipeg’s best advanced manufacturing companies. Here’s a list of required reading (and viewing) to help you answer the question: Why Winnipeg? 

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Winnipeg is building and we want you to be a part of it 

Click the image above to download our Advanced Manufacturing sector fact sheet.

Success Stories

Here are some of the companies making big waves in our city:

New Flyer – Largest manufacturer of battery-electric buses in North America

Price Industries – Home to a world-class HVAC research facility

MacDon - Entering new era of growth after recent acquisition by Linamar Corporation

Winpak – Produces packaging for ALL bacon in North America

Canada Goose – Highly-regarded high-end clothing manufacturer operates two factories in Winnipeg

Sub-Sector Spotlight 

On top of being a long-time leader in the advanced manufacturing sector in Canada, Winnipeg is quickly becoming a hub in the additive manufacturing sphere - lead by Precision ADM, an additive manufacturer utilizing advanced digital-manufacturing technologies.

University of Manitoba's Institute for Materials is doing impressive research and development on materials and composites characterization and the Orthopaedic Innovation Centre is developing new technologies around medical devices, prototyping, testing, and clinical trials management.

Got a question?

Our YES! Winnipeg team is here to help – free of charge. Contact Alberto Velasco-Acosta, our business development manager for Advanced Manufacturing. He can connect you with the resources you need to take the next step towards building your business in Winnipeg.