Sector Spotlight: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) - RTDS Technologies pioneering simulator technology is headquartered in Winnipeg's Smartpark (Image courtesy RTDS)

RTDS Technologies pioneering simulator technology is headquartered in Winnipeg's Smartpark (Image courtesy RTDS)

By: EDW NewsroomSeptember 13, 2018 //

Winnipeg, Manitoba – an emerging tech hub? 

You better believe it. Our city has been expanding its technology prowess in recent years, with a growing community of local and international ICT companies. Local businesses have seen success across North America, while some of the world’s biggest ICT companies are taking a close look at Winnipeg’s competitive advantages. 

In an increasingly technology-driven world, new industries are being created that are changing the way we interact with machines, each other, and the world around us. Data management, software development, cyber security, and interactive digital media – these are just some of the new job skills required to create these innovative solutions. Technology is being increasingly integrated into our daily lives, and there are opportunities for companies to make a difference in this growing sector. 

When it comes to tech, Winnipeg is right in the middle of the action. Approximately 1,300 ICT companies operate in Winnipeg, with 21,000 people working in ICT-related positions in and around the city - a market which boasts the second-most cost-competitive salary for a software engineer in Canada. In fact, CBRE named Winnipeg as the least expensive Canadian city to operate a tech company. Coupled with some of North America’s most affordable utility rates and a highly diversified economy, Winnipeg’s affordability advantage makes it one of the best locations to operate a tech company. 

This advantage is seeing results. In 2017, Winnipeg’s ICT sector earned $1.7 billion of GDP, including exports of $166 million. More importantly, businesses are taking notice of Winnipeg’s tech advantage. Take a look at some ICT companies creating a buzz in Winnipeg:

Sightline Innovation: building artificial intelligence into enterprise infrastructure 

Bell MTS: investing $1 billion over a five-year period to update Manitoba’s network infrastructure 

Bold Commerce: the #1 app developer for e-retail giant Shopify

SkipTheDishes: one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Canada, with 1,800 employees right here in Winnipeg

Building a successful ICT sector means developing the latest and greatest tools, and Winnipeg has an abundance of opportunities for learning and research. Industry associations like ICTAM and New Media Manitoba bring the city’s ICT community together, while organizations such as North Forge Technology Accelerator, the Manitoba Technology Accelerator, and HORIZONthree are helping tech startups and companies push the boundaries on ICT integration and development. Meanwhile, Red River College is building a brand-new $95 million Innovation Centre, which will be a hub of industry-student research partnerships. As well, the University of Manitoba’s $36 million Smartpark Innovation Hub is a research-focused headquarters for ICT innovation.

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